Mistakes When Ordering Cannabis Seeds Online


medical-cannabis-treats-autismWhy would you want to buy weed online? The real question is why wouldn’t you? While dispensaries are awesome and serve as a viable choice to many medical marijuana patients, it’s nice to be able to keep your options open. When you buy weed online you dramatically increase what types of medicine are available to you and open yourself up to a much larger product variety.

Not only does having the option to buy weed online give medical marijuana patients more options to choose from, but is extremely beneficial to those who can’t make it to the dispensary. For many medical patients getting to the dispensary is simply not an option. Whether they are too sick, don’t have the means or wish to be discreet in their decision to medicate with marijuana, the opportunity to be able to buy weed online is an excellent alternative.

Buying in bulks

Yes, that’s right. If you don’t want to lose huge money then do not buy in bulk during your first order. This is risk management and common sense applies here. Just buy small items and have them shipped right to your address. If it gets through then order more.

Not checking prices before ordering marijuana seeds online

There are a lot of marijuana seed banks such as https://www.iceheadshop.co.uk/cannabis-seeds.html on the internet. Each differs in their prices and offers. Do not rush things up just because you see that a certain marijuana seed bank has your favorite marijuana strain. Compare prices and once you are sure that the online seed bank is reputable and has the best price for your favorite marijuana seeds, then go for it.

Not keeping it a Secret

The very first reason why people get busted is this “they don’t keep secrets”. If you don’t want to get busted, then follow this tip. People except your fellow weed enthusiasts can’t be trusted when it comes to buying weed seeds. Just be quiet.

Not using a Discrete Payment Methods

Most seed banks accept credit cards. Make sure that the transaction data won’t show anything that you ordered marijuana seeds. You will know this by reading their Frequently Asked Questions page or by contacting their customer service representatives. Still scared with this way? Then, don’t worry because these seed banks remove your payment information right away after your order is processed. Still in doubt? Then, go for a pre-paid visa card, pay by cash through the mail, or do a bank transfer to the information (usually not related to marijuana) that they will provide you.

Clicking on an advertisement

Just click on an advertisement on a site or in a comments section, no matter how professional it looks. The market in buying cannabis seeds is hot right now, and that means it will attract people trying to scam you. Scams are predictably prevalent when scammers know that it’s difficult for an individual to report an incident to the police. Even if you’re buying from someone who’s not looking to scam you outright, there’s no guarantee as to the quality of what you’re buying – it could be an extremely weak strain sold as something more potent, or more dangerously have other things with it. Don’t go with craigslist, it’s possibly dangerous and law enforcement crawls it like flies.

Using your home address for delivery

If you’re in an area where marijuana seeds growing is illegal, don’t just order it in the mail without checking how it will be delivered – especially for larger orders. In January a Pennsylvania woman was arrested for ordering a box of marijuana after police were tipped off that she was receiving them. If you can, check with the seller to see how it will be delivered, and if by mail make sure that they’re taking precautions to ensure you and they are unlikely to end up getting a visit from the police.

Not Checking Whether the Online store is Legal

Before buying from any online website, always make sure that you check whether the website is legal. There are several fraud websites which rob you of your money and send you low quality marijuana seeds. Hence, it is always best that you research a bit about the website before you shop. Check the reviews of previous purchasers, their experiences, the quality of the seeds and the information provided. If the details provided are genuine, the website is authentic.

Not Purchasing From Renowned and Tested Online Shops

For Marijuana seeds, there are several seed banks that promise you the best quality marijuana seeds and who are ready to ship the seeds to your doorstep. But, some of these seeds may get intercepted by Customs control, more so when the online seed bank doesn’t know how to manage the situation. Thus, it is important that you check their shipping procedure and also their return policies.